Chania’s VS2 kicks off!

October 2023

On the third week-end of October, the Municiaplity of Chania together with technical partner Cyclopolis inaugurated the launch of its Visionary Solution 2 “Sensors on bikes and bike-stations”!

The shared bicycles fleet of the municipality has been equipped with sensors measuring ambient air quality and noise, whereas stationary kits measuring more air pollutants have been installed on bike stations. Data has already started to flow and feeds into our upcoming Health and Well-Being Platform!

Chania’s Deputy Mayor of Finance and Digital Transformation emphasized that: “Citizens can help us by using the bicycles with sensors, so that a sufficient amount of information can be collected that will serve the aforementioned purposes. The collection of data will be automatically recorded during the route, without any intervention by the cyclist, while the sensors have a modern detection system in case of removal from the bike. In any case, users should be careful with the devices that will be applied to the bikes.”