Cultural activity in Gzira: Science in the City Festival!

October 2023

In September, our Gzira Pilot organises several activities to raise awareness about VARCITIES and the value of green spaces in the urban environment.

VARCITIES at Science in the City

On 29th and 30th, the University of Malta and partners organised the Science in the City Festival, as part of European Researchers night and is Malta’s Science and Art festival. Gzira’s Pilot team at University of Malta took part in the event with a stand presenting VARCITES and offering direct engagement activitites, notably for children. They created a lego game where children could build a future transport option or futuristic item of their choice. The idea was to stimulate creativity and autonomous play, similar to the processes underlying the co-creative workshops when creating the Visionary Solutions.

The festival took place Rue d’Argens, where VS 1 will be implemented.

Three colleagues from Eurac were also present during the event.

They visited the pilot to contribute to the dissemination of the project during the Festival, invited local stakeholders to future Social Return on Investment (SROI) workshops and collected impressions on the Gzira neighborhood where VARCITIES’ pilot is located.

Discover more about Gżira’s Pilot on their Pilot page.