Socio cultural event in Novo Mesto: physical activity for senior citizens

March 2024

On 6th of March 2024, the Development Centre of Novo mesto organized another socio-cultural event with stakeholders at their Pilot site. This time, the event catered to senior citizens involved in informal exercise groups for seniors organised by the School of Health (Šola zdravja). The purpose of the event was to familiarize them with the benefits of nature-based solutions for health and well-being, as supported by VARCITIES at Novo Mesto’s Pilot site.

Participants first took part in Morning Exercise routine following the 1000 Movement System developed by Nikolai Amosov, which promotes spine health and hands mobility. This was followed by a refreshment break with coffee, tea, cake, and fruit at the Velodrome, where participants had the opportunity to discover architectural features of the air supported structure, and watched cycling team’s training session. After the coffee break, Andraž Purger gave a lecture on “Breathing with Nature” and strength exercises.

Peter Geršič, Novo Mesto’s Pilot leader had the opportunity to introduce the participants to new online platform for booking and checking the occupancy of sports facilities within the pilot area.

Part of the group then moved to Novo Mesto’s Swimming Pool, while the others had a practical demonstration and execution of strength exercises. The exercises were conducted under the guidance of Mr. Purger using resistance bands, which minimize joint strain while being effective for strength gain.

With around 85 participants, this was a great morning in Novo Mesto! The School of Health plans to conduct regular exercises in Novo Mesto’s Pilot area.

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