Socio cultural event in Novo Mesto: Small School of Cycling for preschool and primary school children

March 2024

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, the final event of the programme “Small School of Cycling” for preschool and primary school children took place at VARCITIES’ Pilot Site in the Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto Olympic Centre. A perfect opportunity for the young participants to refresh and consolidate their cycling knowledge!

The programme “Small School of Cycling” is a course that took place in January and February 2024 at Novo Mesto Velodrome, intended for both children who already know how to ride a bike, as well as for complete beginners. It covered many important aspects of cycling, including basic positions on the bike, developing balance and coordination. Skill riding was also part of the programme, as it is important for young cyclists to gain experience overcoming obstacles and riding on different terrains. Special emphasis was placed on safe braking, which is one of the key skills for safe cycling in traffic and urban environments.

The concluding event on March 23rd marked the end of the program,e, where participating children gathered at Novo Mesto’s Swimming Pool. They engaged in cycling training on the grounds and participated in various movement games aimed at enhancing their motor skills and coordination. Additionally, the young cyclists explored the sandy trails surrounding the Olympic Centre and utilized the gym equipment available. Through playful activities, they not only honed their cycling abilities but also discovered the fun of leading an active lifestyle.

This event showcased the versatility of the outdoor and indoor facilities at the Olympic Centre Novo Mesto, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy them. This is key to the vision of VARCITIES, emphasizing that public spaces should prioritize people’s needs and foster creativity, inclusivity, health, and overall happiness among citizens.

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