Summer in our Skellefteå pilot!

August 2023

Our Pilot City Skellefteå is on track with the implementation of its Visionary Solutions! A lot of progress was made in the past months!

One of the standout from this summer is the large bee hotel model, which has captured the hearts of visitors, especially children who now flock to the previously underutilized area. This newfound popularity underscores the park’s role as a dynamic and engaging space for all age groups.

A significant progress has also been achieved in water management. Even though permanent sensors were deemed unfeasible in the streams, the performed water flow measurements have enabled improved visualization and adjustments.

Notably, the park’s redesigned pathways now offer increased resilience against flooding: the park can act as a sponge to slow down and accumulate water, decreasing severe flooding risk downstream, in the river, a vital adaptation in the face of changing weather patterns. Furthermore, the park’s innovative design serves as a vital component of a broader system of nature-based solutions, helping prevent downstream flooding and eliminating the need for costly pumping systems in nearby residential areas, were with flooded basements are usually reported during heavy rainfall.

Scheduled for late August or early September, an upcoming milestone for our pilot will see the wetland bed undergo its first mowing, introducing a pioneering approach to maintaining green spaces. In this wetland, several species were introduced as part of VARCITES, and need to be preserved. The mowing process will utilize state-of-the-art equipment designed to collect cut grass and plants, which will then be repurposed for fertilization in other parts of the park, reducing waste and enhancing the park’s natural vitality. This marks a pivotal moment for the pilot, as the park becomes a testing ground for this new process, that are already set to be adopted in various green areas in Skelleftea. The city is committed to expanding the concept of wetland beds and meadows across its urban landscape, striving for a more ecologically balanced city.

As the autumn season approaches, the park is gearing up for its official inauguration activities. The activities commenced with Exploratoriet Science Center hosting an inspirational day on August 15th, utilizing the outdoor classroom to educate teachers about the park’s ecological significance. In the following months, open events are planned for schools and the public, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience the park’s remarkable transformation.

In addition, Autumn will bring informative information signs to the park, ensuring that visitors can fully appreciate the park’s unique features and functions. These signs will enhance the visitor experience, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.