Town Hall Event in Chania

November 2022

On Monday, 7th November 2022, Chania’s Town Hall Event was organised at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (KAM), as part of VARCITIES’ co-creation process.

During this event, Chania’s pilot team presented the design process of the two visionary nature-based solutions, as well as an update on the different digital technologies (health and well-being platform, Go Nature game) that are developped as part of the project.

Participants were then invited to follow an on-site discussion to get better acquainted with the project and understand its progress. They were also invited to give their feedback on the different aspects: the latest designs of MULαR, Bicycle Sensors, Health & Well-Being Platform and Go Nature Game Experience.

At the core of VARCITIES, we believe that nature-based solutions are inevitably unique and context-specific. This is why the co-creation process together with local communities is an important aspect of our Project and it represents a key moment of participation.

Local Newspaper PolitikKritis covered the event: