VARCITIES featured during TEDxCastelfrancoVeneto

October 2023

On September 30th, the 7th edition of TEDxCastelfrancoVeneto was hosted at by the Academic Theatre of Castelfranco Veneto. The event, attended by 500 individuals, centered on the themes of inspiration, innovation, and collaborative idea-sharing, particularly focusing on the concepts of trama in italian, the “weaving thread”,  and the connections among people and their lives. TEDxCastelfrancoVeneto plays a significant role in this context, being one of the key stakeholders engaged by the Municipality to absorb innovative ideas from its young representatives. Their creative thinking contributes to enhancing the local network and shaping a more promising future for the city.

This occasion provided an opportunity for our Pilot City to engage once more with the local community and underscore the importance of VARCITIES approach in connecting innovation, nature, and well-being. Gianfranco Giovine, Castelfranco Veneto’s City Councilor for Tourism, University Relations, Research, Innovation, and European Projects, highlighted how the Municipality embraces this trama or “weaving thread” approach, fostering cooperation with local institutions and stakeholders to facilitate community dialogue and co-design of city services for the improvement of urban facilities, as exemplified by the VARCITIES experience.