1st Co-creation workshop in Skellefteå

June 2021

On 22 June, Skellefteå hosted the first co-creation workshop with local stakeholders. The event was part of the first series of VARCITIES Co-creation workshops, taking place in June in all the Pilot Cities. The goal of the first series of workshops was to introduce the visionary solutions to the local stakeholders in order to validate and refine them collectively, before starting the co-design process. The event took place online.

VARCITIES Visionary Solutions

  1. Control stormwater flooding by using natural soil as water retention
  2. Use stormwater to create wetland bed by allowing the new residential area to be partially flooded and to foster planting of indigenous species on the wetland bed
  3. Create inviting and safe surroundings in the park
  4. Set up and go through the information plan about the green/blue area with residents
  5. Create space in the park with bee hotels/insect habitats, permanent school-material.

What we learned from participants and local stakeholders (main inputs)

  • Analyse and measure the quality of water during the project, to avoid toxins and pollutants.
  • Develop green corridors for biodiversity, with attention to unwanted and invasive species
  • Promote outdoor classrooms and learning sessions
  • Think of alternative ways to facilitate the accessibility to the park
  • Importance of creating installations and materials that can be used also in winter.
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